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It is no secret, most people trading stocks lose money, especially new traders. I was certainly no exception.
The reason for this is often a lack of understanding of the stock market basics. It's important to take your time to learn about different brokers, different trading styles, risk management, strategy and much more.
I was all to eager to get started trading at first, I didn't spend anywhere near enough time learning how to trade stocks.
This platform's aim is to provide helpful tutorials on the stock market basics to help you get started. Some of these I have written personally and others have been submitted by other visitors to the site.
If you have an article you feel will help the community here learn about stocks, please send it for inclusion on the site.

As well finding a broker that gives you cheap stock trades tips, you need to use a good trading system. No system is perfect and wins all of the time, but a good strategy will consistently make you a profit in the long term.
When buying stocks, it is always imperative to be realistic and take a long term view. You are highly unlikely to get rich over night trading the stock market, but you have a great chance of being successful in the long term.

Free Stock Trade Tips

Free Stock Trade Tips
Free Trading Tips
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