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NIFTY view for 23rd March 2012

NIFTY (5228.43)


The Effective started out and kept flattish for most of the day. It came failing down in the last two time of dealing as it could not maintain yesterdays up shift. Today's current down shift has designed a bearish (negative) candlestick keep design. Therefore that there could be further down part. Our lengthy roles would have got ceased out these days, and since the Effective could shift down further we should be brief on the Effective with a stop-loss at 5324.


Bharti Airtel at Rs 324-329 with a stoploss above Rs 337 and focus on of Rs 310.
Aban International at Rs 434-440 with a stoploss at Rs 454 and focus on of Rs 415.
Buy IVRCL with a focus on of Rs 64 and stoploss at Rs 51.
Buy TTK Reputation with a focus on of Rs 3024 and stoploss at Rs 2900.
Sell Maruti Suzuki with a focus on of Rs 1300 & 1310 and stoploss at Rs 1344.
Sell Wipro with a focus on of Rs 406 & 413 and stoploss at Rs 426.

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