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NIFTY perspective for 16th March 2012

NIFTY (5380.50)


The Effective started out and breached our stop-loss at 5432 in the first 20 moments of dealing, thus securing in a excellent revenue for us. The RBI did not create any changes to the CRR nor did it cut prices hence nowadays being a prospective occurrence day became a non occurrence day. There were so many designed in needs in the program especially on the Financial institution Effective last night anticipating a celebration day, which is why the Financial institution Effective repaired greatly nowadays.

Most experts would say to remain out of the industry on big occurrence times like the next day, could be a prudent shift. However after seeing the way the industry has been gaping up this the other day and the down shift nowadays, also considering the industry has shifted up greatly since the 3rd of Jan 2012, there is prospective down part or a modification. Hence the specialist has gone brief in the marketplace with a stop-loss at 5462, (i.e. gone brief with 25% of the amount that is usually dealt.) This is a dangerous trade!
Positional Pick

BEL (LTP: 1601) - BUY
For present-day business, lengthy place can be started only in Rs.1572-1562 variety for a focus on of Rs.1651- 1671, with a ending centered stop-loss of Rs.1530.

Intraday Picks

For present-day business, brief place can be started only in Rs.110-112 variety for a focus on of Rs.107- 105, with a demanding stop-loss of Rs.111.50. Investors are recommended to prevent day whipsaw

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