Comtrades Trading Tips Strategies on Gold

Spot silver organised stable last night, supported by a contented international shares and relatively strong Dollar. Investor’s careful Check your trading tips strategy towards today's current US policy conference also underpinned prices. Marketplaces are carefully viewing hints of another circular of quantitative reducing from US Government Source at the end of its two"day conference later today. More Information about trading tips visit the site

MCX Gold market already consumed the news of awareness US real estate revenue numbers and healthy demand for Dollar location sovereign debt. US real estate data revealed home revenue in Feb increased for the first time in 10 months. However, price movements is predicted ahead of today's current COMEX May options expiration.

A filter range trading has been experienced for the last few days. Prices are secured inside the lower end of Bollinger Group support and dropping pattern route level of resistance. Even as the wide merging stage in 1648-1620 is complete, existing pattern looks tired and either side large is preferred later in the time.

Dealing strategies:

Key stages for the day: Downside: 1620- 1611 areas followed by 1580/1545

Upside: Immediate 1648 then 1664/1684 powerful 1696-1702

Buy near 1620 focus on 1637 SL below 1610 (risky). Buy above 1650 focus on 1662 SL 1642.

Buy above 1684 focus on 1697 SL 1672. Buy at 1612 focus on 1632 SL below 1596 (risky)

Buy above 1703 focus on 1756 SL 1681.

Sell near 1662 focus on 1647 SL 1685. Offer on pullbacks to 1682 focus on 1648 SL above 1696

Sell below 1630 focus on 1621 SL above 1637. Offer below1610 focus on 1580 SL above 1628.

Expect a uneven time within 1620-1648 stages but splitting of any of the either part is preferred later in the time.

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